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Americans who don't feel safe because of their gender/sexual identity.

57.9% don’t feel safe because of their gender/sexual identity

Americans who are mentally ill.

18.5% of Americans are mentally ill

Americans who have a disability.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans have a disability


Amount of games on the
app store


Amount of apps helping people cope with disabilities

Build ground breaking technology and accessible apps for the people who need it most, while building a safer and better future for all.

We're changing the world with technology.

Here's how we're doing it.


AnxietyHelper is a mental health toolkit for anyone, allowing you to get info on certain mental illnesses, find resources, and use tools to cope with day to day life. Use the app to learn about your own mental health, or to gain insight about the depths of mental illness. Learn about treatments, coping methods, and signs of mental illness. Let the tools help you cope with mental illnesses. Use panic attack guidance to have the app discreetly guide you through a panic attack. AnxietyHelper is designed for you in mind. Help is just a tap away.


Verena is a security system for members of the LGBTQ+ community, giving them tools and resources to protect them before, during, and after bullying, hate crimes, and abuse. The app uses encryption and SMS messaging to anonymously alert your contacts when you’re in danger, and saves information about past incidents, encrypted and on device, rendering hackers useless. The app is designed ground up for those in abusive environments, and can hide and erase itself with a special keyword.







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